Tuesday, 6 November 2012

What!? She's Alive?!

Weird Science.

Ahem. I realise it has been a month since I last posted. I have wanted to, believe me, on some of my better days, but of course, those were the days I had no time to post. I do apologise.

My weekends of the past month have been absolutely incredible, but the second I'm back in the real world, life sucks. But the good must always come with the bad, and it is my goal to make the good stand out. So I will focus on the incredible weekends instead.

Three weeks ago, for example, I went on a lovely hike along a nudist beach. Thankfully, it was deserted (aside from some surfers in wetsuits). It was only three hours, but really pretty. There was also a rusty shipwreck.  I have photos which I will one day publish.
Two weeks ago I went on another hike, this one along a flowery mountain. I am pleased to say I was stronger than the leader

Last weekend was the most fun I've had in days. My mother, one of her friends and I went to a little wine making town out in the country. We had a picnic lunch at one of the wine farms and a fancy dinner. It was incredible.
The next day we went for a tea garden breakfast (Curiously they only sold sandwiches and sausage rolls). We then pottered on to the local motor museum. Ultimate car porn.
I then sat alone in a cafe drinking tea and writing a book (All I needed was a purple hat to complete the ensemble) while my mother and her friend did the wine tasting experience.
Lunch  on a hilltop and home in time for tea.

Since I've been going through a hard time I cannot set out a challenge for you. I just want to say thank you to those still reading. So, thanks you made my day.