Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Abandonment Issues

So... One day I shall turn this into a weekly thing.

Way down South, where I live, we had a long weekend. Absolute bliss. I got to hang out with really awesome people, and just have a very good time.

As far as other things go, stress is a major problem. Projects, projects, projects. One, not even half done, due at the end of this week. (Not Monday). But through it all I will keep smiling. After all, even Spiderman has his off-days.

In other news, says J. Jonah Jameson, I am a dismal failure of a reporter, and Grey Note can't even follow her own advice. (What's with all the Spidey references? I mean, he's cool and all, but any other superhero would desecrate him) But, yes, although I have managed some of my challenges, several still escape my grasp.

Oh, oh, before I forget. I, artistically challenged as I am, am starting a webcomic-- eventually. It's called Geometris, and it's about a guy and his dog Geometris. More than that I cannot tell you, because more than that I do not know.

This week (or fortnight, whatever) I challenge you to do as my best friend Red Stand did, and go absolutely mad. Dance without pants on, if you will. Actually, on second thought, don't because that would be weird.

Grey Note over and out.

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