Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dr Connors, Sir, The Wi-Fi Down

DC has had enough, I think, so I shall now start poking fun at Marvel.

I apologise for my extended absence; life just seemed to spin wildly out of control for a few days.

First off, I was in a play. The people I met there were absolutely incredible (and, tragically, live very,very far away) and I loved every moment of it. Backstage that is.
I hate to admit it to you, New Heroes, but I am a coward. I have stage fright.

I meant to post yesterday, but couldn't as my black spot, as it were, returned in full force. I hope that it has passed, and shan't return. Smiles were few yesterday afternoon.

Updates may only be sporadic over the next few weeks, as my alter ego has a lot piling up in the 'real world'. I will honestly try for updates as frequently as possible, but as Alt (what my persona shall hereby be known as) may not have time for the ol' mask and cape... I'm truly sorry.

This week, New Heroes, I challenge you to do something you have never done before, even- no especially- if it frightens you. The people you meet along the way will astound you, and the lives you will change, encourage you.

May your light ever shine (What now?)

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